Man måste planera i tid

Jag träffar GH om typ tre veckor och som vanligt ses vi på ankomstorten. Han är väl i Katmandu eller något. Vi har flygit tillsammans totalt två gånger. Struntsamma.
Hans flight kommer in megasent så vi ska bo på ett flygplatshotell första natten och jag kommer vara på rummet innan honom.

Som brukligt skriver han ”I love you and miss you so much” varpå jag svarar något som har med sex att göra. Jag är så romantisk.

Maybe you want to consider one of the fantasies I sent you? To be honest I’d kill for a round of role play.

You wanna start off with us fresh off our planes and in the hotel?
I’ll be a weary business traveller finding a lass in my room after all…

Maybe I’m in the wrong room? Obv I try to leave but you say I shouldn’t. And you have to convince me, preferably by telling me you’re happy I happen to be there and our random meeting shouldn’t go to waste.
Presenting your cock might be enough but I’m not completely sure at the start.

I want you to make sure I take you really deep with your hand firmly in my hair.

I’ll take it all if you tell me to.

You will take it all.

What if I can’t?

You don’t know me so maybe I’m inexperienced.

You will, and my balls also. You don’t want to risk being punished if you don’t, eh?

Oh no, what would the punishment involve?

In the case you were ridiculously inexperienced then there’s a little patience to show you. However, failure to pick it up could involve the raising of my voice, and you don’t want to wake the other residents, do you?
If not the tightening grip of your hair, there’s plenty there depending on how compliant you are and quick to learn.

Perhaps I can give you a little of my cock some place else, but it should be mostly in your mouth and I expect you to be playing with yourself for the duration whilst you swallow me.

I’ll be too focused with one hand around the base of your cock and the other playing with your balls and ass. My nails will be fit for the purpose, dear sir.

Now you’re talking, I hadn’t even got to that!

Get with the program!

Be quiet and swallow!
Then you’ll be a good girl and I can begin thinking about how you can be naughty.

Omg, seriously fuck you, GH. I’ll think of you stopping me at the door and doing all you described for three weeks…

Now you can go and play with yourself imagining it all playing out.

I’ll look so pretty and you all businessy.

And at the end you’ll look even more adorable covered in my cum x

Hur jävla sexigt?