Snillen spekulerar

Adrien är snille 1 och jag är, duh, snille 2 och vi är fan rätt bra sådana.

Vi mailar alldeles för mycket och just det här handlade om det oerhört löjliga kommunistsystem Sverige har för andrahandsuthyrning. Jag beskrev problemen skiten orsakar för mig och han gav mig råd:

I think the easy way for you is to buy 3 more houses. Then you can rent them and have the majority in votes and do whatever you want! Maybe we should find 2 more people and buy several houses like that and control the majority of the förening…

”The easy way”? Owning four houses is of course brilliant and super easy. Sure my bank would be happy too and won’t raise an eyebrow over my shady income. Talk about keeping a low profile.

Controlling the förening, however, is an utterly awesome idea! Find a small one and then become overlords. Name it something bad ass. Conduct all sorts of questionable business. Meth lab in the basement. Brothel in the attic. Sell some shotguns around the back. You in?

Vi söker investerare.