In English

Hey English speaker!

I’m sorry my blog is in Swedish only. It’s a shame I don’t have time to write in both languages (suppose I should have an actual life as well) because the content is pretty damn good.

You can give Google Translate a chance but the contextual discrepancies will likely make me seem a little retarded. And that’s unfair and quite the opposite; as most would agree.

On the other hand my English is not so shabby so if you have any questions about sexwork please feel free to email me at
I can also provide sex related advice and lame jokes if that’s your thing, given you go first.

I’m not a fan of personal attacks so refrain from those and tell me how awesome I am instead.
…Or just ask me about stuff. Compliments are strictly optional. I should probably have made that clear since you may not have picked up on my irony exhibited in my posts. Oh well, I’m not known to work well with ”Jantelagen”.

Oh, and if you’re British I love you by default as I’m a huge anglophile. Please provide sound clips of your accent and I will store them in my wank bank indefinitely.
Bring me Terry’s chocolate orange and we’ll buy a semi-attached in Brighton including unlimited blow jobs and lame jokes (as stated above).

If you want to meet me; please have a look here. It’s in Swedish only at the moment so you will need to use a translator. You will also find contact details there.


Yours truly,
(Who’s catching up on internet slang like it’s 2005)